Rosewood, Santos Duraback Veneer

Rosewood, Santos Duraback Veneer
Price: $296.43
Santos Rosewood, of the species Machaerium scleroxylon, was introduced to the market as a substitute for Rio Rosewood. While not a true rosewood of the genus Dalbergia, the wood offers users the look of the endangered species, although not necessarily all of its properties.

Santos Rosewood is now considered a valuable wood on its own merits and is most often used for architectural woodworking and high-end furniture. Interwood Forest Products Inc. publishes a handbook of woods, "Veneers - A Fritz Kohl Handbook," which explains the history of Santos Rosewood.

"Brought on the market earlier as a substitute wood for Rio Rosewood, this wood has established itself today as a highly decorative furniture wood. The lighter and more distinctive the red coloring is, the more valuable the wood."