Sapele Ribbon Q/C Duraback Veneer

Sapele Ribbon Q/C Duraback
Price: $85.10
     Found throughout the whole of Africa, Sapele is considered one of the most common exotic exports of the continent. It's commonly seen as a prime product for veneering, plywood manufacturing, boatbuilding, instruments making, turned items, and much more. The grain of this wood is interlocked and may appear wavy while the texture is very uniform with a good natural luster. When it comes to color, Sapeles heartwood is a nice golden to dark reddish brown which further darkens with age. Often times this wood will be quarter cut for the ribbon figure it reveals along with the many other figures including it can show such as pommele, quilted, mottled, beeswing, and fiddleback. This wood specie is very available at the moment but as cited by the IUCN is now red listed due to a 20% reduction in population over the last three generations.