Birch, Baltic Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood
Price: $25.95

Baltic Birch Plywood comes from the surrounding areas of the Baltic Sea in Europe. Overall the main differences between this and traditional birch plywood are firstly its size being a 5x5 sheet rather than the standard size. Secondly is the fact that instead of employing a basic softer wood material under the top birch layer, this plywood actually has a 100% void-less and solid core made up of more birch consistent with the quality of the outside. This allows for screws to get the strongest possible grip using all of there threading rather than just what the average board would allow. On top of that, Baltic Birch also offers a stronger and more stable build which can be attributed to the earlier mentioned solid core design so you can be sure it will hold up where basic plywood wont. Yet again thanks to the solid core you will even experience much cleaner and consistent joinery with these boards as there isn't a variation in density or hardness as with standard boarding. All in all Baltic Birch Plywood just might be the best choice for whatever project your planning.