Poplar Lumber

Poplar Long Lengths F/C Lumber
Price: $2.70
Green Poplar veneer is another name for standard Poplar that exhibits large green swaths and may also be called Tupelo or Tulip Poplar. This species is found only in the Eastern United States and is considered one of the cheapest most available woods for any project. The grain is very straight and uniform while the texturing is moderate with an overall low amount of luster. As for the color, Poplars heartwood is a light cream to a yellowish brown with the occasional gray or green streak. The sapwood is a yellow or white color that many times is not distinguishable from the heartwood. Although Poplar doesn't have amazing resistance its heartwood is rated as moderate in durability to sometimes non-durable but it lacks any insect resistance which means lumber of this species may be in danger in the outdoors without treatment.