Redwood Burl* - RAW VENEER

Redwood Burl

Price: $2.50
The Sequoia Tree, or Redwood as most of us would commonly call it is a native species to the coastal Northwestern United States. Many uses exist for this famous tree ranging from decking, fencing, and outdoor furniture to construction lumber, veneer, and trim. Being as durable as it is Redwood readily lends itself to all these applications and more as a great and reliable choice but, with so much use it is also no wonder why this species has seen such depletion over the years. Currently Redwood is on the IUCN watchlist due to a 40% decrease in population in the last three decades alone. One result of this decrease is the higher pricing that is found with this wood when compared to many other domestic lumbers. Getting into the wood itself we can look at the grain. It tends to be very straight with coarse texturing and a low level of luster although the grain at times may show waviness or irregular look. The color of a Redwood trees lumber would, as the name states, be a deep reddish brown with some  being a lighter almost pink shade. The sapwood on the other hand is very simple and tends to be a pale white to yellow color. In this particular case a burl is present in the wood giving it a very desirable appearance in comparison to the standard look.