Avodire, F/C Figured - RAW VENEER

Avodire figured F/C

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Avodire is found specifically around streams and lakes in the western and central regions of Africa. It has a distinct pale-yellow cream like heartwood which may darken with age and is mimicked by the sapwood causing the two to look identical. The grain can be anything from straight to irregular with possible interlocking and waviness thus creating a plethora of possible patterns. This veneer has a high level of natural luster and is extremely fine in texture giving an overall appealing shine and look to it. While Avodire may be a very beautiful wood it lacks resistance to both insects and decay so care should be taken to keep its use within a stable environment. Even though it is still readily available, Avodire has seen a population reduction of about 20% in the last three generations placing it on the IUCN's red list for possible future endangerment.