Maple Q/C 2-Ply Veneer

Maple, White, Qtr. -- WOW
Price: $55.71
Being one of the staples of the lumber, veneer, and woodworking industries in general, Maple has certainly earned a place for itself both where it grows in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and around the woodworking world. Here at Homecraft Veneer we shrink those demographics and simply get our Maple from right here at home. One of the odd things about maple is that often times the sapwood is used over the heartwood when in lumber form although when it comes to veneer this rule is ignored. Getting to the characteristics of Maple its sapwood tends to be anywhere from an off-white cream to a dark reddish-brown. Sometimes a golden hue may even be present. Maple's heartwood is a darker reddish-brown. The grain is usually straight but can be wavy and the texture is fine and even. This species tends to be susceptible to insect attacks and not all that durable so in many cases interior use is preferred.