Wood Veneer: Flexible Back

Flexible backed veneer is designed to give a real wood look to virtually any stable substrate such as Plastic, Plywood, Fiberglass, Hard boarder and Particle board. It consists of a 1/85" sheet of real wood veneer permanently bonded to a non-woven fiber backing. This backing acts as both a carrier to hold the finished product together and a flexible component. Its second purpose is to act as a barrier to prevent finishes from penetrating and effecting the adhesive bond.  The second is to act as a barrier which will prevent adhesives from penetrating through to the surface of the Veneer and affecting the adhesive bond. Paperback is sheet matched, 100% surface sanded and has a 10 mil standard backing. Some more exotic species may not offer larger lengths such as 12 FT, call us to check.

    Paperback Advantages:                               Standard Thickness Chart:
    Very Flexible                                                 10mil = 0.024 +- 0.005
    Sheet Matched                                              20mil = 0.030 +- 0.005
    100% Surface Sanded                                   30mil = 0.036 +- 0.005
    10, 20, 30mil Backings